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Bannerboy Neon Sign
The neon sign in our Stockholm office.

Banners are the neon signs of the digital age.

They are your storefronts — the first experience people have with your brand. As display advertising specialists, we build ads that are engaging, effective, and beautiful.

The world's top brands and creative agencies choose us to concept and execute digital campaigns across display, out-of-home, social, and video channels.

We’ve been doing this for close to a decade and know the ins and outs of the digital media landscape. No media buy or project size scares us. We’re your international, boutique, display shop.

Founding partners Erik Hofman-Bang and Erik Brunner

How it all started

Bannerboy was started in 2010 by childhood friends Erik Hofman-Bang and Erik Brunner (the Eriks).

The idea was to create a specialised banner production company and work for ad agencies on high-end executions. This was a unique niche and we were able to grow quickly and expand to Amsterdam, New York City, and just recently London.

We’re really proud of our craftsmanship and the great level of service we deliver. This has allowed us to work with some of the world’s top creative agencies and have long term relationships with brands we really admire.

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Where we’re heading

Having mastered the art of production, our current challenge is to broaden our offering. We believe that combining online marketing skills, creative, and production in one shop will allow us to do great things for our clients.

We think the Internet is the best thing since sliced bread and we believe advertising is an important part of it. We’re on a mission to fight internet pollution by creating ads that are useful, engaging, effective, and beautiful.

We are breaking new ground and pioneering what the future of digital advertising will be.

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Our values

We want to create the company that we’ve always wanted to work for. Treating each other like family is not only good for business and karma, it’s how we feel proud of what we do.

Our team is from all over the world and spread over four countries. We are united by an open minded, humble, curious, and creative mindset.

We strive for honest and friendly collaboration with our clients. That’s how we do our best work, add real value, and have tons of fun along the way.


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