Practice makes perfect.

For every campaign we face the same challenge: topping our previous work.

At a glance

Client Tomtom logo

Throughout our three year collaboration with TomTom, we’ve worked on many global campaigns driving online sales and branding. This has really tested our ability to tell engaging stories through animation, always under the constraint of space and file size.

We’ve concepted and designed all of these based on creative briefs and preexisting assets. We particularly enjoy animating the slick UI and highlighting product features in clever ways.

Over the years we’ve done thousands of localisations and more recently dynamic banners with interchangeable products.

  • Concept & creative
  • HTML5 animation & development
  • Dynamic setup & maintenance
  • Standard & rich media banners
  • Dynamic banners

Runner 3

This watch has a ton of built-in features that we highlight and explain with smooth animation and snappy copy.

5 formats. Max file size: 300kb


Here we focus a bit more on the user benefits by visually using a more cinematic animation style.

5 formats, 4 languages. Max file size: 150kb


The touch can measure how your BMI changes over time — a pretty neat feature that we’re zeroing in on here.

5 formats, Max file size: 200kb


One of our favourites! This one has a bit of an easter egg at the end... be sure to hover your cursor over it.

10 formats. Max file size: 200kb

Golfer 2

Automatic shot detection and shot history analysis? Try understanding that without the video game style animations. Great roll-over too.

5 formats, Max file size: 200kb


We hope you enjoyed that, now what’s next?

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