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Spotify’s huge ambition has driven us to create some of our best work yet.

At a glance

Client Spotify logo

We started working with Spotify two years ago and have never stopped being impressed. This is the company that revolutionized (and saved?) the music industry — innovation is in their DNA. They are design driven, data crazy, and have huge ambition in everything they do. This has no doubt driven us to create some of our best work.

Spotify’s got great creative talent. The copy and art direction we receive is stellar, so our focus is on animation and production. Our open collaboration has lead to major innovation in how we produce creative, allowing us to reach enormous scale without compromising design quality. More on that further down.

  • HTML5 animation & development
  • Motion design
  • Bespoke automated scale production
  • Standard & rich media banners
  • Facebook & Instagram videos
  • Localization
  • 100,000+ units delivered

Artist launch campaigns

Spotify often leverages hot new artists and album releases in branding campaigns. This is great content that we really enjoy working with.

Gucci Mane

We love the artwork in this one so much that we added a subtle panning motion when you roll over with your mouse.

5 formats, 3 copy variations. Max file size: 200kb


We created four sets of burning hot banners for the launch of “Wild World”. Check out that fire animation — all under 200kb!

6 formats, 4 copy variations. Max file size: 200kb

Rap Caviar

Fitting big ideas into tiny spaces is the name of the banner game. We love how this tiny mobile banner came out.

8 formats. Max file size: 150kb

“I am happy to recommend the guys over at Bannerboy. It’s always a pleasure working with them!”

Davis Najdecki

Global Brand Producer at Spotify


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