The original
eSport returns.

Many of us grew up playing the Quake series — so to roll out the launch campaign for the latest title, Quake Champions, was a dream come true.

At a glance

Client Bethesda logo

The legendary game studio Bethesda contacted us to concept, design, and develop animated Html5 creative for the launch of Quake Champions. We produced several sets based off of different game apects and characters.

  • Concept & creative
  • HTML5 animation & development
  • Motion design
  • Standard & rich media banners
  • Facebook & Instagram videos

World championships

Prior to the release, the World Championships were held in Dallas. The campaign featured Ranger at the start and ends with creating awareness for the tournament as well as get fans to sign up for the beta.

9 formats. Max file size: 150kb

Early access

This parallax animation is a recreation of part of the launch trailer with two champions locked in single combat. The moment slowed down enough to see the weapons firing and the light they cast.

10 formats, 4 copy variations. Max file size: 150kb

Champions pack

These sets were created with several copy variations to drive sales of the Champions Pack. We used the box art and added subtle animation to emphasize speed — what the Quake games are famous.

7 formats, 4 copy variations. Max file size: 150kb


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