Going up against huge competitors in a saturated market, LG have a long-term, data driven, and meticulous view on their online advertising efforts.

LG V30 smartphone front
LG V30 smartphone back
LG V30 smartphone front

At a glance

Client LG logo

We won LG Mobile US as a client in January of 2016 when they went out to pitch. We’ve since worked closely with them and their media team at Horizon Media to design, produce, and launch several display campaigns. These range from major new product releases and quick turnaround tactical units to always on dynamic display ads.

  • Concept ideation
  • Art direction & copywriting
  • HTML5 animation & development
  • Dynamic setup & maintenance
  • Standard & rich media display ads
  • Dynamic display ads

Our first campaign

For the launch of LG’s flagship phone, G6, we created a design framework to keep consistency across hundreds of units telling different feature related stories.

9 formats. Max file size: 150kb

Easter egg

We had some fun with the fact that the G6 survives underwater for 30 minutes. If you waited for half an hour, the banner let you you click through to a secret landing page where you had the opportunity to get a free G6!

Tactical units

We created a design framework to house several different products and offers enabling quick turnaround, high-quality production.

10 formats, 4 copy variations. Max file size: 150kb

For the outdoorsy

A different take on the basic design framework, here’s an example of a small targeted campaign for outdoor enthusiasts.

7 formats, 4 copy variations. Max file size: 150kb

See it from all angles

We wanted to do something special for the launch of the flagship model V30. It’s a sleek phone that’s almost all screen, so we wanted to show it off from all angles. With a simple 3D model and WebGL, the end result was a fully interactive low file weight banner.

Through extensive prototyping and testing, we ensured feasibility across browsers, ad-serving platforms, and publisher specs.

Finally, we created a massive number of units allowing testing of both messaging and design.

LG V30 display ads


We hope you enjoyed that, now what’s next?

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